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Transformer 22-30-5G

Perfect for the work place.

In modern offices and private work spaces wireless transmission methods (WIFI) are used more and more.

At your workstation, this technology exposes you to high levels of radiation over the course of a day and you should therefore consider adequate protection.
The T-22-30 neutralizes and harmonizes the pulsed energy emitted by the WIFI networks lastingly.

It creates a protective health-promoting and stress-free work zone in a radius of 10m or up to 20 m diameter - as well as those up to 10 Wi-Fi routers from your neighborhood. Discomfort such as headaches, fatigue, inner tension, concentration loss, and sleep disorders disappears. Users report that after the installation of a T-22-30 their energy level rose significantly and that they felt more mentally alert and more balanced. Work is more relaxed, sleep more sound, and live better.

Platstic plate 210 x 210 mm

TRANSFORMER 22-30 for apartment – min. 10 m radius -


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