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The Next Generation Ultimate Protection.

The dangers of cell phones are well documented. And new wireless technologies such as 3G & 4G (UMTS & LTE) networks and even the new high speed WiFi are even more disruptive to the human cellular metabolism because there is much more data being carried on the signal.

The GREEN 8 evolution Smart & Mobile Phone Shield was optimised for new mobile telecommunications technology 3G & 4G (UMTS & LTE), and adapted for the powerful new smart phones (eg: iPhone & Android). GREEN 8 evolution helps neutralise electromagnetic radiation and allows for stress-free phone use, without discomfort such as fatigue, burning ears, headaches, stress, tension and sleep disorders.

GREEN 8 evolution is a solid option for sensitive users and an easy way to protect you and your family.

Don´t go without it.

„The Next Generation of Smartphone Protection"


„LIVING WITH EMF RADIATION“ our new brochure !

NEW – for you to download or to look at – our new information brochure which offers you a detail overview concerning product solutions for which application - which radiation exposure and how to use. Please read especially what our customers are reporting – page 33 to 38 !
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